Wowwww !!! We won The postulation to be the Venue for the 8Th ICCA Latin America and Caribbean Meeting and the 13th Client Supplier Business Workshop !!! In August 2019 (between 3th and 8th ) we will have the privilege of receive ths meeting for the first time in Argentina !!!

For many years we have worked together with a Great Team, whose vocation is to build a Meetings Industry involved with the socio-cultural-economic development of its cities; adding – through bringing and performing events- more development and opportunitiesto their Destinations

Being the Venue for ICCA CLA Event was a dream that we turned into a goal to achieve, and after many years of work we made it a reality: we prepared a great bidding of Salta Destinationin which we showed Salta´s to offer: its natural and tourist beauties, the professionalism of the MICE sector , a great multisector work team, the positioning of Salta Destination in the Argentine Meetings Industry : positioned among the first destinations chosen to make events in Argentina and the wonderful places that Argentina has to visit in the pre and / or post event tour.

In the process of capturing this event: we proposed a Program in which we committed ourselves to highlight the tools offered by the I.C.C.A. (International Congress Convention Association) at the Annual Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Region; namely:

1) The technical – academic update in events planning
2) The trends to create better experiences in the events.
3) The networking spaces to generate more events in our destinations.
4) Raise awareness of the necessary Synergy among the main actors of the
Destination as Events Venue

This meeting will bring together professionals from twenty countries in Latin America and the Caribbean; about 60 Organizers and / or Direct Suppliers of Events and Congresses will participate, in addition to 60 Destination Development Agencies for Event Venues and more than 30 representatives of associations that perform hundreds of international
events. And with the right tools, it seeks to generate the greatest number of events in the different destinations that allow improving the quality of life of the communities, since an event also influences the academic and socio-economic development of society in general.

The Educational Sessions Conferences will develop topics such as: Strategic Alliances, Creativity and Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Human Networks; clear and concrete strategies that enhance our professional growth (whatever the area we belong to: Tourism Companies, Tourism Organizations, Bureaux, Universities and / or others) and jointly the growth of our Event Venue Destinationd

For the first time, the registration to the Educational Sessions will also be open to professionals interested in participating (those who are not yet part of the ICCA community as a Member)

Sign up !!!!!!!!!!!!! In Salta we are waiting for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!