There is an extensive bibliography and / or references documenting the role of events in a society. This works as an innovative tool that strengthens multisectoral growth (with a transversal socio-economic impact not only limited to the tourism chain of services) and also re-evolves the commitment and sense of belonging to the Identity of a Destination!!!

Nowadays it is possible to talk about Relational Intellingent destinantions when in the industry of Meeting Tourism we work understanding that only in the ALIGNMENT of the different stages of community awareness will we be able to provide “emotional wellbeing” to those who visit us.

Stages of awareness (the main ones, in my opinion):

*Awareness stage 1: understand that a destination Venue of Events makes us who are part of the community main and necessary actors: tourism sector, private sector, cultural sector, commercial sector, public sector, academic sector, professional sectors, social sector and the community in general.

*Awareness stage 2: understand that the synergetic work between all the sectors is determinant for the sustainable development of a destination.

*Awareness stage 3: understand that the added value that differentiates each destination is its idiosyncrasy, its culture.

*Awareness stage4: understand that the technical professionalization of those who work in the tourism services chain directly impacts on the quality standards of destinations which are venues of events

*Awareness stage 5: understand that – in a destination venue of events- it is still not enough “to do things technically well”: we also have to develop a higher level of hospitality in customer service which results in our visitors satisfactorily living a unique experience.

Thus, in this approach of variables that make the awareness of a destination as a venue of events, and always with the objective of being a destinations with sustainable standards, we should evaluate ourselves regularly with equal virtuosity: from a quantitative and from a qualitative point of view.

It is not surprising that in this as in other activities the quantitative approach is a fundamental pillar of analysis (number of events per destination), since it allows us to visualize the impact of the sector on the destination´s economic profitability.

However, we should not omit the qualitative approach, which is also an essential pillar – the value of experience – since it allows us to visualize the level of satisfaction of those who visit us and, as a result, invites us to update and constantly correct the destination.

That is why we say that “the well-being of the experience lived in our destinations” is related to the relational attitude provided by the entire community of a venue of events and it is also related to the reflective vocation of continuous improvement.